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Scripting Games 2010. Advanced Event 4 (Remotely creating environmental variable)

Posted by shs на 2010/05/19

Четвертое задание:

 Event Scenario

Your company has just purchased a rather expensive enterprise-wide networked application. The application consists of a server back end and a client front end. After the server back end application has been installed, updated, and configured to listen on the appropriate ports, the client application is deployed using your network deployment application. Unfortunately, the client application installer failed to create a specific system environmental variable that is used to check for client licensing before allowing the client to launch. This was not discovered until the package had been fully deployed. In a panic, you boss calls you and asks if you can create a script that will read a text file of computer names that have been licensed for the application, and create the new environmental variable. The environmental variable is shown here: Читать далее…


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