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Scripting Games 2010. Advanced Event 5 (Remotely getting amount of video RAM)

Posted by shs на 2010/05/20

Пятое задание:

Event Scenario

You are in the process of planning an upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, and you want to ensure that your computers will have enough video memory to run Windows Aero. You have determined that you want systems to have at least 128 MB of video RAM.

You decide to write a script to obtain the video memory from local and remote computers. The script should display the amount of video RAM by using the largest possible unit of measure. For example, if the computer has 1 or more GB of video memory, you should display results in GB. If the system has 128 MB of video RAM, you should use MB.

If you write Windows PowerShell code, you can display results directly to either the Windows PowerShell console or inside the Windows PowerShell ISE. If you use VBScript, you should display the results inside the cmd prompt and not in a message box. This output is shown in the following image.
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